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 Birthday meaning

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PostSubject: Birthday meaning   Sun Jan 24, 2010 2:26 pm

Every Birthdate Has A Special Meaning What Does Yours Say?¿?¿
January 1st
responsible, organized, competent, inflexible, oversensitive, fearful
January 2nd
responsible, profound, dedicated, workaholic, self-inhibiting, overdemanding
January 3rd
trustworthy, service-oriented, devoted, stubborn, secretive, maddening
January 4th
conceptual, structured, pragmatic, dogmatic, closed, intolerant
January 5th
serious, resilient, resourceful, overconfident, stuck, complacent
January 6th
faithful, accepting, searching, naive, unrealistic, self-sacrificing
January 7th
intuitive, imaginative, accepting, overinvolved, hypersensitive, overly fanciful
January 8th
self-confident, influential, intense, conceited, unforgiving, heavy
January 9th
resilient, purposeful, resourceful, controlling, inflexible, stressed
January 10th
tough, authoritative, realistic, insensitive, armored, jealous
January 11th
trustworthy, capable, strong-willed, judgmental, rigid
January 12th
professional, inspirational, committed, self-sacrificial, preoccupied, unheeding
January 13th
goal-oriented, proud, autonomous, driven, fearful, isolated
January 14th
indomitable, courageous, organized, emotionally hard, uncompromising
January 15th
idealistic, pleasure-loving, heroic, indulgent, insecure, idolizing
January 16th
diligent, steady, thorough, habituated, stressed
January 17th
independent, expressive, forceful, dominating, isolated, uncooperative
January 18th
imaginative, fun, individual, naive, distracted, immature
January 19th
electric, creative, influential, maladjusted, unstable, self-destructive
January 20th
expressive, resilient, big-hearted, chaotic, unrealistic, upsetting
January 21th
attractive, colorful, open, indecisive, pleasure-bound, hurtful
January 22th
natural, emotional, exciting, hasty, explosive, careless
January 23th
personal, individual, technical, self-involved, asocial, troubled
January 24th
amired, magnetic, active, self-centered, condescending, unconscious
January 25th
talented, interesting, self-defeating, unstable
January 26th
active, dramatic, confident, destructive, dictatorial, driven
Janaury 27th
bright, quick, childlike, childish, impatient, immature
January 28th
gutsy, strong-willed, driven, overexcitable, sensationalist, impulsive
January 29th
reasonable, social, fun-loving, unsure, ambivalent, passive
January 30th
astute, organized, socially conscious, calculating, hardened
January 31th
attractive, admired, appreciated, dependent, misunderstood, depressive
February 1st
strong-willed, mentally quick, grounded, stubborn, overly rational, self-unaware
February 2nd
sophistricated, dynamic, original, insulated, aloof, dispassionate
February 3rd
technical, detailed, perfectionist, unreliable, emotionally difficult, self-indulgent
February 4th
sincere, lively, entertaining, scattered, unrealistic
February 5th
facile, fluent, graceful, abrupt, antagonizing, superior
February 6th
socially adept, well-liked, facile, self-unaware, insecure
February 7th
human, natural, spontaneous, unrealistic, overpermissive, dissatisfied
February 8th
conceptual, intuitive, technical, co-dependent, emotionally confused, passive
February 9th
colorful, alive, productive, scattered, troubled, long-suffering
February 10th
individual, self-confident, empathic, coward, self-involved, removed, over reactive
February 11th
helpful, inventive, appreciative, excessive, overinvolved, insensitive
February 12th
many-faceted, protective, conceptual, intolerant, unyielding, closed
February 13th
spontaneous, outgoing, energetic, impulsive, reckless, distractd
February 14th
witty, facile, entertaining, overaggressive, cutting, hurtful
February 15th
curious, ingenious, affectionate, chaotic, oversensitive, moody
February 16th
spirited, life-oriented, spontaneous, abrupt, troubled, eruptive
February 17th
indomitable, spiritual, snesitive, armored, isolated, stuck
February 18th
magnetic, sensitive, philosophical, aloof, isolated, impatient
February 19th
daring, imaginative, forceful, rash, hardened, uncontrolled
February 20th
perceptive, cooperative, memorable, impressionable, reactive, overemotional
February 21th
emotionally deep, self-aware, honest, self-involved, dissatisfied, detached
February 22th
unselfish, idealistic, dedicated, unforgiving, pessimistic, overcritical
February 23th
convicing, analytic, pragmatic, hypercritical, negative, all-knowing
February 24th
giving, open, accepting, self-absorbed, demanding, static
February 25th
faithful, devotional, giving, overinvolved, rebellious, unrealistic
February 26th
empathic, critical, stimulating, self-important, harsh, reactive
February 27th
magnetic, capable, worldly, self-unaware, demanding, emotionally chaotic
February 28th
vibrant, alive, emotionally complex, overenthusiastic, excessive, thoughtless
February 29th
youthful, accpeting, appreciative, indulgent, immature
March 1st
artistic, technical, ambitious, irresolute, escapist
March 2nd
loyal, imaginative, perseverant, out-of-touch, inflexible, obsessive
March 3rd
directed, conceptual, well-prepared, biased, compulsive, self-unaware
March 4th
self-contained, intimate, autonomous, fearful, shy, self-involved
March 5th
expressive, polished, incisive, difficult, temperamental, suffering
March 6th
aesthetic, attentive, devoted, complacent, oversensuous, adrift
March 7th
conceptual, sensitive, giving, diffuse, withdrawn, lonely
March 8th
individual, magnetic, intuitive, isolated, emotionally difficult, upsetting
March 9th
intuitive, visionary, conceptual, self-sacrificing, detached, overstressed
March 10th
sensitive, empathic, soulful, long-suffering, withdrawn
March 11th
shrewd, tasteful, charming, possessive, claiming, domineering
March 12th
daring, intense, visionary, reckless, unstable, foolhardy
March 13th
accepting, courageous, evolving, overreaching, self-important
March 14th
accepting, flexible, affectionate, indecisive, complacent, noncommittal
March 15th
ambitious, charismatic, enthusiastic, envious, overcompetitive, impulsive
March 16th
imaginative, practical, active, fanciful, jaded, neglectful
March 17th
adaptable, expressive, enthusiastic, self-effacing, ineffectual, disconnected
March 18th
intuitive, powerful, diplomatic, glib, self-compromising, obsessive
March 19th
persuasive, tireless, thorough, unaware, stubborn, closed
March 20th
logical, sensitive, versatile, unrealistic, unsure
March 21th
courageous, self-expressive, direct, misunderstood, antisocial, dictatorial
March 22th
enthusiastic, well-directed, dynamic, overbearing, emotionally unaware, overconfident
March 23th
interesting, versatile, caring, overinvolved, voyeuristic
March 24th
positive, open, affectionate, imprecise, depressive, unrealistic
March 25th
energetic, loyal, independent, highly critical, blunt, self-destructive
March 26th
intuitive, self-sufficient, responsible, negative, insecure, depressive
March 27th
self-reliant, realistic, technically proficient, forgetful, self-neglectful, difficult to live with
March 28th
independent, sunny, diligent, unaware, flighty
March 29th
idealistic, ironic, loyal, opinionated, unambitous, aloof
March 30th
driving, energetic, visionary, stressed, isolated, rebellious
March 31th
tenacious, lucid, pragmatic, repressed, frustrated, argumentative
April 1st
goal-oriented, sincere, technically skillful, isolated, one-track, workaholic
April 2nd
honest, sincere, hard-working, naive, repressed, unaware
April 3rd
good-natured, unassuning, fun-loving, demanding, self-centered, naive
April 4th
innovative, lively, ambitious, impulsive, unstable, rebellious
April 5th
consistent, hard-wroking, successful, repetitive, overconfident, emotionally blocked
April 6th
innovative, magnetic, visionary, one-track, manic, overwhelming
April 7th
positive, energetic, imaginative, impatient, irritable, unrealistic
April 8th
ethical, giving, socially responsible, self-sacrificing, extreme, emotionally closed
April 9th
strong-minded, persuasive, progressive, misleading, overindulgent, destructive
April 10th
involved, courgeous, daring, unstable, obsessive, stressed
April 11th
decisive, diplomatic, sagacious, insensitive, resistant, unenthusiastic
April 12th
socially aware, articulate, diplomatic, overinvolved, frustrated, self-unaware
April 13th
strong-willed, pioneering, outspoken, misunderstood, alienated, rejected
April 14th
socially aware, persuasive, powerful, repressed, dissatisfied, autocratic
April 15th
dominant, organized, consequent, judgmental, self-involved, restricted
April 16th
humorous, generous, accepting, out of touch, fiscally irresponsible, permissive
April 17th
well-grounded, strong-willed, responsible, overly critical, judgmental, grim
April 18th
honorable, vigorous, fair, unrealistic, pugnacious, emotionally unstable
April 19th
controlled, durable, skillful, overbearing, repetitive, fixated
April 20th
powerful, inspirational, exciting, illusion-prone, overly emotional, power-fixated
April 21th
tasteful, caring, powerful, profligate, self-indulgent, over-protective
April 22th
organized, down-to-earch, imposing, difficult, materialistic
April 23th
social, secure, careful, inflexible, anxious, repressed
April 24th
nurturing, protective, expressive, smothering, moody, narcissistic
April 25th
vigorous, steadfast, dynamic, unaccepting, unforgiving, overbearing
April 26th
stalwart, independent, consequent, isolated, fixed, stubborn
April 27th
self-sufficient, dedicated, centered, withdrawn, overserious, repressed
April 28th
steadfast, dependable, solid, inflexible, domineering, insensitive
April 29th
dependable, self-possessed, socially adept, self-involved, vain, over-serious
April 30th
protective, professional, resolute, demanding, immoderate, self-indulgent
May 1st
calm, realistic, ironic, procrastinating, lethargic, blunt
May 2nd
productive, perfectionist, observant, intrusive, authoritarian, abrasive
May 3rd
insightful, clever, charming, demanding, procrastinating, hard-headed
May 4th
caring, warm-hearted, stable, self-denying, resentful, unfulfilled
May 5th
convincing, insightful, enlightening, dogmatic, insensitive, jealous
May 6th
sensitive, astute, imaginative, emotionally unstable, suffering, indulgent
May 7th
dignified, devoted, aesthetic, unrealistic, troubled, frustrateda
May 8th
prudent, convincing, caring, over-serious, judgmental, authoritarian
May 9th
moral, protective, fair, unforgiving, puritanical, unrealistic
May 10th
active, intuitive, daring, impulsive, self-absorbed, thoughtless
May 11th
imaginative, creative, fun-loving, unrealistic, out-of-touch, isolated
May 12th
lucid, talented, ironic, overly critical, disturbing
May 13th
natural, playful, unrestricted, superficial, erratic, depressed
May 14th
advanced, energetic, perfectionist, overstressed, nervous, difficult
May 15th
imaginative, naturally magnetic, frustrated, isolated, passive
May 16th
colorful, uninhibited, expressive, unaware, unstable, volatile
May 17th
dedicated, responsible, intense, overstressed, abrasive, condemning
May 18th
committed, idealistic, responsible, unaccepting, self-denying, driven
May 19th
elemental, energetic, just controlling, disruptive, frustrated
May 20th
exciting, innovative, expressive, overtalkative, undisciplined, unfulfilled
May 21th
undaunted, courageous, successful, egoistic, invulenrable, stressed
May 22th
persistent, energetic, productive, obsessive, compulsive, unrealistic
May 23th
attractive, convincing, mentally active, hasty, self-sacrificing, self-unaware
May 24th
expressive, incisive, socially involved, self-centered, caustic, closed
May 25th
idealistic, tough, adaptable, judgmental, intolerant, unrealistic
May 26th
protective, moral, honorable, impulsive, guilt-ridden, escapist
May 27th
humorous, persistent, sophisticated, tactless, lacking self-criticism, depressive
May 28th
unique, individual, creative, egotistical, overreaching, impatient
May 29th
committed, protective, expressive, repressed, one-track, combative
May 30th
quick, expansive, skillful, oversensitive, nervous, unstable
May 31th
no-nonsense, capable, adaptable, restless, extreme, escapist
June 1st
visually perceptive, shrewd, fun, temperamental, distracted, impatient
June 2nd
inventive, adaptable, problem solving, picky, problem creating
June 3rd
verbal, convincing, witty, domineering, forgetful
June 4th
mental, verbal, intuitive, demanding, overcritical, stressed
June 5th
energetic, systematic, quick-witted, anxious, chaotic, bewildered
June 6th
visionary, expressive, artistic, misunderstood, extremist, off-base
June 7th
entertaining, funny, charming, undependable, preoccupied, insensitive
June 8th
dutiful, technically proficient, individual, stressed, overzealous, error-prone
June 9th
outspoken, strong-minded, logical, emotionally immature, inconsistent, unintegrated
June 10th
daring, capable, human, troubled, overemotional, erratic
June 11th
well-directed, positive, diligent, stubborn, wearing
June 12th
optimistic, expansive, self-unaware, judgmental
June 13th
psychic, imaginative, adventuresome, danger-seeking, unrealistic, idolatrous
June 14th
successful, gusty, ambitious, overstressed, impatient, domineering
June 15th
attractive, sensuous, clever, manipulative, too outgoing
June 16th
shrewd, patient, success-oriented, self-satisfied, indecisive
June 17th
persuasive, physical, spatially aware, unapprochable, indulgent, impatient
June 18th
lively, money-wise, influential, manipulative, erratic, restless
June 19th
involved, persistent, challenge-oriented, provocative, troubled, unaware
June 20th
emotional, rousing, charismatic, overly emotional, repressed, destructive
June 21th
enraptured, critical, sensual, uncontrolled, addictive, dictatorial
June 22th
romantic, emtionally adept, fanciful, naive, unrealistic, maniplative
June 23th
magnetic, enchanting, romantic, indiscret, prying, overinvolved
June 24th
skillful, imaginative, magical, troubled, destructive, oblivious
June 25th
empathic, perceptive, original, oversensitive, moody, unsure
June 26th
courageous, protective, physical, overly physical, phobic, smothering
June 27th
convincing, determined, protective, rigid, closed, isolationist
June 28th
humourous, interesting, entertaining, obvious, inprecise, grating
June 29th
lively, fun-loving, childlike, passive, procastinating
June 30th
technically proficient, money-wise, motivated, moody, repressed, negative
July 1st
profound, giving, determined, troubled, depressive, long-suffering
July 2nd
imaginative, responsible, exciting, insecure, anxious
July 3rd
observant, truthful, sensitive, all-knowing, overcritical, withdrawn
July 4th
faithful, giving, proud, egocentric, biased, fixed
July 5th
exciting, interesting, imaginative, erratic, unreliable, unstable
July 6th
attractive, intent, involved, obsessive, stuck, addictive
July 7th
creative, truthful, imaginative, difficult, disturbing
July 8th
pragmatic, protective, responsible, armored, smothering, insensitive
July 9th
curious, inventive, open, fanciful, disillusioned, withdrawn
July 10th
patient, receptive, observant, procrastinating, uncommunicative, isolated
July 11th
knowledgeable, socially aware, cooperative, overly talkative, misleading, materialistic
July 12th
capable, committed, observant, overprotective, controlling, hard-headed
July 13th
daring, goal-oriented, stalwart, impulsive, unforgiving, self-denigrating
July 14th
fascinating, convincing, seductive, misleading, unreliable, manipulative
July 15th
influential, dynamic, inspirational, materialist, controlling
July 16th
faithful, passionate, nurturing, repressed, unrealistic, moralizing
July 17th
ambitious, serious, self-confident, overconfident, unapproachable, hardened
July 18th
courageous, committed, aggressive, repressed, tethered, fixed
July 19th
graceful, self-aware, emotional, impatient, temperamental, difficult
July 20th
adventuresome, active, practical, restless, dissatisfied
July 21th
daring, exciting, physical, obsessive, self-destructive, argumentative
July 22th
dynamic, courageous, success-oriented, unlucky, stressed-out, self-unaware
July 23th
compassionate, sharing, human, depressive, crisis-prone, overly vulnerable
July 24th
daring, exciting, magnetic, unstable, flighty, sexually obsessive
July 25th
imaginative, idealistic, honorable, judgmental, struggling, unrealistic
July 26th
dynamic, influential, attractive, provocative, blunt, difficult
July 27th
orderly, forceful, decisive, change-resistant, self-unaware, procrastinating
July 28th
positive, resourceful, dynamic, insensitive, isolated, resistant
July 29th
observant, loyal, concept-oriented, opinionated, clannish, restricted
July 30th
sturdy, sensuous, decisive, phobic, repressed, earthbound
July 31th
observant, expressive, visual, anxious, disturbed, isolated
August 1st
forceful, realistic, visionary, difficulty, isolated
August 2nd
versatile, adaptable, deterined, impervious, disconnected, irresponsible
August 3rd
courageous, idealisitc, determined, reckless, self-destructive, egotistic
August 4th
clever, quick, elusive, oblivious, hot-headed, undiplomatic
August 5th
directed, dignified, unflappable, combative, repressed, overly non-verbal
August 6th
interesting, romantic, original, disillusioned, reckless, antisocial
August 7th
clever, funny, socially adept, prying, slef-hurtful, reclusive
August 8th
versatile, multi-talented, responsible, egoistic, overly driven, unaware
August 9th
structured, altruistic, thoughtful, righteous, authoritarian, prodding
August 10th
attractive, fun, vocally seductive, needy, lacking in self-trust
August 11th
truth-seeking, powerful, insightful, somber, disturbing, hurtful
August 12th
knowledgeable, faithful, serious, tyrannical, superior
August 13th
indominable, spirited, courgeous, quicky, oversensitive, insecure
August 14th
observant, honest, funny, self-unaware, escapist, disturbing
August 15th
commanding, decisive, expansive, overaggressive, insensitive
August 16th
seductive, electric, goal-oriented, destructive, rebellious, excessive
August 17th
versatile, forceful, earthy, tempestuous, antagonistic, aloof
August 18th
adaptable, patient, deep, struggling, obsessive, combative
August 19th
patient, self-confident, influential, overconfident, secretive
August 20th
imaginative, empathic, courgeous, troubled, lonely, escapist
August 21th
composed, supportive, protective, overprotective, withdrawn, elusive
August 22th
imaginative, patient, seasoned, domineering, egotistical, inflxible
August 23th
intense, poised, technical, self-involved, detached, emotionally blocked
August 24th
observant, investigative, thorough, overanalytical, stifling, obscure
August 25th
flamboyant, sexual, energetic, needy, insecure
August 26th
self-contained, accepting, cooperative, passive, repressed, self-sacrificing
August 27th
socially aware, caring, idealistic, overinvolved, depressive, stress-prone
August 28th
convincing, articulate, intellectual, inflexible, puritanical, unaccepting
August 29th
adaptive, imaginative, structured, escapist, needy, unstable
August 30th
financially astute, organized, reliable, authoritarian, inflexible
August 31th
dynamic, influential, fun, frazzled, socially dependent, caustic
September 1st
conscientious, physical, fearless, insistent, grim, unyielding
September 2nd
fair, honest, unpretentious, unyielding, moody, explosive
September 3rd
multi-talented, socially adept, patient, procrastinating, overly stoic, or yielding
September 4th
methodical, capable, constructive, inflexible, demanding, overexacting
September 5th
imaginative, romantic, fun, self-destructive, unaware, excessive
September 6th
accepting, sympathetic, tasteful, self-involved, repressed, fatalistic
September 7th
diligent, goal-oriented, determined, overcompetitive, insensitive, unforgiving
September 8th
serious, dynamic, performative, unyielding, authoritarian, misdirected
September 9th
descriminating, challenge-oriented, introspective, fearful, insecure, needy
September 10th
capable, pragmatic, reliable, frustrated, anxious, excitable
September 11th
free-spirited, nurturing, dramatic, easily bored, manipulative, judgmental
September 12th
honorable, witty, fearless, dry, cynical, closed
September 13th
intense, devoted, persevering, off-track, hardened, unaware
September 14th
observant, effective, efficient, critical, difficult, impatient
September 15th
expansive, motivated, materialstic, overly ambitious
September 16th
big-hearted, courageous, honest, sensationalist, rebellious, destructive
September 17th
persistent, tenacious, undaunted, conservative, fixed, heavy
September 18th
thoughtful, serious, aesthetic, isolated, troubled, negative
September 19th
tasteful, elegant, organized, trendy, compulsive, materialistic
September 20th
organized, shrewd, observant, overconfident, overemotional, inflated
September 21th
progressive, tasteful, aesthetic, materialistic, sensationalist, flighty
September 22th
individual, perceptive, well-directed, acerbic, dark, guarded
September 23th
creative, adventuresome, excitng, troubled, depressive, addictive
September 24th
imaginative, free-spirited, giving, nervous, unsettled, neurotic
September 25th
hard-working, goal-oriented, determined, closed, insensitive, unforgiving
September 26th
technical, influential, persistent, obsessive, compulsive, secretive
September 27th
hard-driving, successful, cool, oversensitive, insecure, withdrawn
September 28th
romantic, tasteful, magnetic, destructure, complacent, excessive
September 29th
technical, intense, capable, obsessive, insecure, isolated
September 30th
curious, knowledgeable, impressive, judgmental, accusatory, self-righteous
October 1st
unique, dedicated, dignified, crisis-prone, indecisive, aloof
October 2nd
witty, charming, attractive, cutting, repressed, fearful
October 3rd
socially aware, up-to-date, intnese, distracted, pretentious, exhibitionist
October 4th
tasteful, socially adept, humorous, complacent, headstrong, foolhardy
October 5th
just, life-oriented, social, preoccupied, bothered, anxious
October 6th
optimistic, adventuresome, vivacious, self-abosorbed, sensationalist
October 7th
committed, idealistic, charming, troubled, unrealistic, isolated
October 8th
maginative, romantic, capable, flighty, emotionally labile, power-absorbed
October 9th
multi-talented, observant, inspirational, ununraveled, myopic, complacent
October 10th
selective, insightful, precise, overcautious, fearful, closed
October 11th
charming, accepting, secure, complacent, passive, stuck
October 12th
socially astute, generous, dependable, egotistical, exhibitionist
October 13th
intense, success-oriented, professional, overstressed, demanding, critical
October 14th
measured, reasonable, composed, overly cautious, inhibited, stuck
October 15th
magnetic, knowledgeable, provocative, exhibitionist, unbalanced, overconfident
October 16th
discriminating, practical, fair, pricky, defensive, difficult
October 17th
self-confident, resilient, daring, overconfident, reckless, stubborn
October 18th
inspirational, imaginative, forthright, overstressed, aloof, bothered
October 19th
insistent, independent, lively, argumentative, disturbing, possessive
October 20th
enthusiastic, logical, businesslike, stubborn, controlling, excessive
October 21th
inspirational, attractive, verbal, self-destructive, addictive, argumentative, dominating
October 22th
magnetic, charming, exciting, disruptive, unbalanced, controlling
October 23th
energetic, quick, passionate, indiplomatic, possessive, excitable
October 24th
magnetic, perfectionist, dramatic, jealous, claiming, overstressed
October 25th
physical, substantial, dependable, overbearing, intolerent, complacent
October 26th
grou-conscious, financially astute, organized, dour, repressive, rigid
October 27th
alive, energetic, powerful, depressive, jealous, self-destructive
October 28th
curious, thorough, interesting, prying, demanding, cutting
October 29th
convincing, thorough, influential, obsessed, closed, secretive
October 30th
organized, confident, attentive, self-neglectful, frustrated, preoccupied
October 31th
caring, odservant, indominable, self-effacing, easily irritated, resentful
November 1st
energetic, self-confident, expansive, destructive, chaotic, restless
November 2nd
influential, powerful, adaptable, smothering, manipulative, heavy
November 3rd
persistent, concentrated, triumphant, suffering, procrastinating, depressive
November 4th
magnetic, involved, charming, meddling, unrealistic
November 5th
knowledgeable, up-to-date, realistic, difficult, self-unaware
November 6th
energetic, stimulating, optimistic, overconfident, insensitive, overly physical
November 7th
curious, adventuresome, technical, restless, difficult, hurtful
November 8th
deep, serious, success-oriented, addictive, troubled, disturbing
November 9th
physical, insistent, open, impulsive, troubled, materially stuck
November 10th
creative, self-assured, attractive, phlegmatic, particular, repetitive
November 11th
persuasive, colorful, energetic, possessive, troubled, spellbound
November 12th
magnetic, seductive, attractive, heavy, addictive, troubled
November 13th
involved, knowledgeable, spiritual, meddling, upsetting, rebellious
November 14th
involved, thorough, observant, controlling, overly critical, meddling
November 15th
measured, just, courageous, volatile, accident-prone
November 16th
authoritative, effective, understanding, self-involved, unsettled, isolated
November 17th
mediating, helpful, responsible, overly moral, aloof, controlling
November 18th
intuitive, emotional, social, needy, moody, tempestuous
November 19th
contemporary, convincing, constructive, preoccupied, overconfident, resistent
November 20th
active, scrappy, idealistic, volatile, overzealous, obsessive
November 21th
imaginative, tasteful, sexual, emotionally labile, self-destructive, closed off
November 22th
freedom-loving, exciting, tireless, repressive, troubled, overly provocative
November 23th
individualistic, free-spirited, humorous, combative, isolated, impulsive
November 24th
loyal, spirited, involved, escapist, isolated, argumentative
November 25th
constant, thorough, accomplished, judgmental, rigid, authoritarian
November 26th
interesting, free-spirited, unique, troubled, indecisive, inconsistent
November 27th
quick, intuitive, impulsive, rash, rebellious, frustrated
November 28th
profound, natural, emotionally sensitive, contradictory, confused, dogmatic
November 29th
provocative, dynamic, influential, troubled, disturbing, stressed
November 30th
thorough, funny, dynamic, thin-skinned, reactive
December 1st
vibrant, extroverted, energetic, frazzled, misdirected, unaware
December 2nd
dynamic, lucid, human, temperamental, judgmental, manipulate
December 3rd
concentrated, innovative, craftsmanlike, secretive, strange, unapproachable
December 4th
energetic, gusty, aggressive, disruptive, authoritarian, controlling
December 5th
confident, daring, active, overconfident, unrealistic, unaware
December 6th
pragmatic, perceptive, capable, overinvolved, insensitive, domineering
December 7th
imaginative, sensitive, highly individual, perculiar, nervous, withdrawn
December 8th
interesting, friendly, energetic, troubled, indecisive, inconsistent
December 9th
romantic, fiery, energetic, misdirected, fantasy-dominated
December 10th
inwardly calm, appreciative, spiritual, inscrutable, reclusive
December 11th
puposeful, influential, self-involved, self-unaware
December 12th
physically expressive, self-possesed, expansive, materialistic, compulsive, stuck
December 13th
attentive, perceptive, thoughtful, disturbing, irritating, fussy
December 14th
original, provocative, daring, excessive, moody, isolated
December 15th
cheerful, social, well-liked, unrealistic, controlling, blind
December 16th
visionary, imaginative, guided, impratical, out-of-touch, troubled
December 17th
dependable, stable, structured, earthbound, claiming, abrupt
December 18th
capable, expansive, persistent, preoccupied, frustrated, stubborn
December 19th
deep, daring, indomitable, suffering, inscrutable, dark
December 20th
quick, impulsive, productive, hasty, all-knowing, combative
December 21th
strong-willed, physical, intuitive, self-involved, controlling
December 22th
careful, prepared, self-assured, irritable, fixed, cutting
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PostSubject: Re: Birthday meaning   Mon Jan 25, 2010 8:06 pm

admin copy paste !!
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PostSubject: Re: Birthday meaning   Mon Jan 25, 2010 8:08 pm

No i written it
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PostSubject: Re: Birthday meaning   Mon Jan 25, 2010 8:14 pm

Amchi™ wrote:
No i written it

great good work .
keep posting !
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PostSubject: Re: Birthday meaning   Mon Jan 25, 2010 10:10 pm

Amchi™ wrote:
No i written it

lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol!

Admin Neutral Kaha Se Copy Kiya Mein Janta hu Neutral Neutral
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PostSubject: Re: Birthday meaning   Mon Jan 25, 2010 11:18 pm

aur mein bhi Razz Razz Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Birthday meaning   Tue Jan 26, 2010 1:28 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Birthday meaning   Thu Jan 28, 2010 4:31 pm

it will take 1day to write so much then to finish in 1min we copy Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Birthday meaning   Thu Jan 28, 2010 4:32 pm

but good work admin Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Birthday meaning   

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Birthday meaning
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